Sioux City Campgrounds

The Main Campground (Blue Campground) is located along the Missouri Riverfront, Larsen Park Road, at exit 149 off Interstate 29. 

The Latitudinal and Longitudinal coordinates for entrance to the main campground are: -96.424 W   42.491 N

Riverfront camping along Larsen Park Road is well suited to groups, clubs with trailers.  It’s a one way road going east, with parking for buses.

Vehicle traffic on Larsen Park Road will travel one-way from west to east.

The main information booth is located next to 900 Larsen Park Road, with information booths at each campground.

Click here for a map of the main campground  

The RV Campground (Green Campground) is located in the Sioux City area known as “The Yards”. 

It’s located near Sioux City Home Depot store.  This is only for those groups with RVs. 

There are no sewage dumping facilities in the Sioux City campgrounds.  Those traveling on Interstate 29 northbound can use the rest area at exit 139 just south of Sioux City.  Those traveling Southbound can use the rest area at Exit 26 at Vermillion, SD.  There is one local service that has the capability to pump out the sewage waste on RV’s.  Lindblom Services charges $30 for the service.  The phone number for Lindblom Services is 712-276-8900.

There will be no electrical hook-ups.

The Latitude and Longitude coordinates for the RV Park are: 96°23’13.862″W – 42°29’8.4505″N

Click here for a map of the RV campground and parking area

The Memorial Field Campground (Yellow Campground) is best suited for riders with vans and individuals with smaller vehicles.  Big rigs will need their passengers to carry supplies further once you arrive. 

The Latitudinal and Longitudinal coordinates for the entrance to Memorial Field are:       96°24’55.295″W, 42°30’26.777″N.

Click here for a map of the Memorial Field campground

There will also be shuttles running folks from campgrounds to the main event area in downtown Sioux City.  If you are in the main campground, this is less than one mile.  If you are at the RV campground, the distance is also about one mile.  The Memorial Field Campground is not within walking distance of the downtown festivities.

There will be a shuttle running from the Sioux Gateway Airport to the different campgrounds on July 24th.

Long term parking is available at the Sioux Gateway Airport


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